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Articles - recent adventures

  • Remembrance Ride  12th November 2023

    As far as November mornings go it wasn’t too bad. Light sprinkling of rain and gray overhead.

  • Bell End  15th October 2023

    Rather amusingly, the ride was called ‘Bell End’

  • The Vicar of Dibley  16th July 2023

    Don’t worry, the Vicar of Dibley was not a theological debate about the existence/non-existence of a deity. Phew!

  • The Two Georges  16th April 2023

    I think we’d all reluctantly accept that there seems to be a never-ending stream of bad news in recent times; the cost of living, an awful war in Ukraine and industrial actions aplenty across the UK to name just a few.

  • Blow Away The Cobwebs  11th March 2023

    Because of my late delegation to arrange a ride for the day, I only managed to recce the ride 3 times. Two of those had been in sleet!

  • Autumn Folly  16th October 2022

    We gathered from 9am, ok a few members had made early appearances...

  • Wings Day  25th September 2022

    Wings Day was originally planned to take place on the 11th September...

  • Wild Frontiers  14 August 2022

    As we know, if you’re not turning left, is that as possibly unfortunate as not going south...?!

  • All About “U”  10 July 2022

    Over the last two (plus) years, humanity has had to rethink the meaning of self, be more thoughtful, socially aware & empathetic.

  • West 5  10 April 2022

    Brilliant name for the ride because it would remind everyone to turn off the westbound M4 at junction 5... where I couldn’t leave a drop off.

  • Spring Fling  13 March 2022

    Well the morning started bright with a hint of sunshine, even Mr John Warr commented on how I must’ve been in league with the devil!

  • Fall Ride  10 October 2021

    It had been a tense couple of weeks since the media led petrol panic so so the ride could have been renamed ‘the fuel ride’!

  • The Loop of Henle  12 September 2021

    The beautiful sweeping road into Henley-On-Thames revealed a hint of promise to what further roads lay ahead.

  • Over the Hill  15 August 2021

    Since the dreaded C-word all began, this was our first Chapter Ride-Out for some while. With restrictions lifted, pubs and restaurants open - time for a ride.

  • Breakfast at Smiths of Smithfield  8 December 2019

    So the 2019 season has come to an end.

  • Remembrance Ride 2019  10 November 2019

    The first C&F Remembrance Ride took place on Sunday 14th November 2004...

  • Oktoberfest  13 October 2019

    It had been raining most of the week leading up to the C&F October ride and the forecast on the day looked much of the same - rain!

  • Spin to the Spinnaker  15 September 2019

    Chapter 1 - ‘How to tuck-up a mate’, by Fred Woolcott and Chapter 2 - ‘Done like a kipper’, by Ray Campbell

  • Aston Potteries  14 July 2019

    ...not only was the weather against us but there was the British Grand Prix, Wimbledon Mens Tennis Finals and England in the Cricket World Cup Final all live on the TV.

  • The Kings Quay  12 May 2019

    Surely there can be few better feelings than getting on a Harley Davidson early on a Sunday morning...

  • “I ride, therefore I am.”  14 April 2019

    Time lapse radar on weather Apps is a great thing but can certainly lull you into a false sense of security.

  • Spring Ride  17 March 2019

    The more observant of you will have noticed that the sticker for this ride bears the moniker Spring Ride 2018...

  • Remembrance Ride 2018  11 November 2018

    This is the last formal ride-out of the Chelsea & Fulham riding season, and what a great one it’s been.

  • Final Countdown  14 October 2018

    Final Countdown - what was that all about then?

  • Brighton ‘Rocks’  15 July 2018

    The Team wandered out onto the pitch early & started to warm up ready for the big game.

  • Return of the Rawhide  10 June 2018

    Once again I thought how could we push the boundary of the Sunday morning ride just a little bit further...

  • Grottes de Ardenne, Belgium  1-3 June 2018

    After Manos arrived at the rail terminal without a full tank of fuel on Friday morning

  • Calm Water  13 May 2018

    Ray gave the ride briefing after I’d contracted a throat infection during the week...

  • Locks, Docks & V-Twin Barrels  15 April 2018

    So, as they say, better late than never and C&F are back on the road again...

  • Remembrance Ride 2017  12 November 2017

    Once again we had a glorious Autumn day for our Remembrance Ride 2017.

  • Trick or Treat  15 October 2017

    What a lovely October day it was, with 60 bikes turning up for a run, it was going to be a good day.

  • Con-CAFÉ-Nate  17 September 2017

    Bikes start arriving at 611KR early and we start the participant swipe-in.

  • Grape Expectations 2017  31 August - 3 September 2017

    On Wednesday afternoon we (Cathy and Lisa) met for a pre-ride social at The Bike Shed in Old Street, London. We were very excited about our ride...

  • Super Sausage Racing Saturday  5 August 2017

    I awoke early on the morning of my ride to the Super Sausage Cafe, looked out of the window to see cars cutting through the water on the rain soaked road.

  • The Chocolate Box  16 July 2017

    It’s becoming light & the birds are chirping...

  • Back In Time  11 June 2017

    Having done the very first Recce for this ride way back in January, I found on arrival a building site!

  • Staycation IV  14 May 2017

    Big fun doesn’t require big miles

  • Water’s Edge  9 April 2017

    The weather promised much in the run up to Water’s Edge and so it turned out

  • Breakfast at Smiths of Smithfield  11 December 2016

    The last ‘unofficial’ C&F meeting of the year.

  • Remembrance Ride 2016  13 November 2016

    It’s a mantra that they are ‘not forgotten’.

  • Essex ENSA  16 October 2016

    My first recce for this ride was way back in August, the sun was shining and all was good in the world...

  • Given the Boot  11 September 2016

    Nick & Jane Deal, Jonathan Gooch and myself set off on a cold, rainy Sunday morning...

  • Champers 2016  1-4 September 2016

    There is not much that will make me get up at 04:30 in the morning. However, meeting a man in a car park in West Wickham at 05:15...

  • Last of the Summer Wine  14 August 2016

    While imbibing some fine English wine a few months ago it occurred to me that there must be a fair selection of vineyards and wineries in our fair country.

  • Motorsport Saturday  6 August 2016

    The first Saturday in August saw C&F try something a little bit different, a ride out on a Saturday to a Motorsport event at Silverstone.

  • Lock Stock  17 July 2016

    Mid July is holiday season isn’t it? Well, not for C&F as eighty-one members signed in for the ride in very warm and muggy weather.

  • Staycation³  19 June 2016

    As ever, we benighted few trapped within the curtilage of this sceptred isle were forced to compensate for not being able to attend the Chapter’s Premier overseas event of the year...

  • Artois 2016  28-30 May 2016

    I was a later addition to the Artois tour this year, my own fault of course as it’s best to get your name down promptly for these tours.

  • The Black Rabbit Ride  13 March 2016

    A day of firsts for Chelsea and Fulham

  • London New Year’s Day Parade  1 January 2016

    Oscar Wilde apparently said that one’s life should be spent in the search for new experiences

  • Breakfast at Smiths of Smithfield  13 December 2015

    The last ‘unofficial’ C&F meeting of the year was well attended...

  • Remembrance Ride  8 November 2015

    In 2014, we went to Ypres for Remembrance Sunday.

  • Surrey Stroll  11 October 2015

    As ordered, the weather was suitably fine and sunny albeit with a little nip in the air.

  • Lobster Run  1-4 October 2015

    Some memories of a Lobster Run on the Côtes - D’ Armor, Brittany...

  • A Piece of Cake  20 September 2015

    DOF (or David O’Flaherty to his friends) has a penchant for putting on longer rides.

  • European Bike Week, Faaker See, Austria.  11-12 September 2015

    A few years ago, on our last excursion through Austria we vowed never to return.

  • Street XG750 - The newest Harley

    I was lucky enough to be invited to Nottingham last Sunday to attend the preview of the new Dark Customs being launched for the 2016 model year.

  • Staycation Ride²  12 July 2015

    It really was sunny when we did the recce, honest!

  • Red Baron Ride  14 June 2015

    It’s a shape and a sound and a feeling, and it seems to apply equally to Harleys and Spitfires.

  • Champagne Run  5-7 June 2015

    Riding into the hotel car park in glorious evening sunshine to see a row of gleaming hogs lined up was the best.

  • Bamboozled in Berkshire  12 April 2015

    Rides don’t start at 10.00 on Sunday morning at Warr’s...

  • The Pioneer Run Ride  22 March 2015

    Around 7am the first Chapter members arrived at one of two starting points for the first ride out of the year.

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