12th July 2009

Due to the fact that rides which I have organised in the past have been so successful, it came as no surprise to be asked by the Directors of Chelsea & Fulham Chapter to organise a spectacular ride to Stonehenge and, being a modest chap, I duly obliged.

The morning briefing started well with some 30 riders and passengers paying full attention to the safety instructions and this resulted in a flawless three and a half hour ride to Stonehenge. The route had previously been recceed twice by myself and Colin Houliston and full credit has to be given to Colin for picking such a wonderful and picturesque route. Despite previously travelling the route twice and having it set in my sat nav, I still managed to get lost just south of Hungerford and had to endure the sound of my SatNav talking to me in my helmet and saying ‘re-calculating, re-calculating’. Once we had re-calculated and got back on to the agreed route, it was somewhat surprising to find that we circled Hungerford twice before heading on down to Stonehenge. Funnily enough no one noticed except Colin.

At Stonehenge we were met by the car park attendant, being Brian, who did not have a tooth in his head, but was an extremely helpful gentleman and had set aside parking facilities for all our bikes. We then moseyed across the road to have the obligatory photographs taken with the Stones in the background. At this point, the ride headed to the Peat Spade Inn at Lockstock, where we had organised lunch. Chris, the Manager, was really friendly and had even printed Harley Davidson menus for us. He made us extremely welcome and the food was excellent. Afterwards, those who wished to head off on their own did so, whilst a large proportion followed Colin and myself back to the M3. Once on the motorway it was every man for himself and people headed off in all directions.

The weather was fantastic for the whole of the day and the feedback which I have subsequently received is that everyone enjoyed the ride immensely.

See you all next year.

Terry Ferguson - C&F Road Captain


Chelsea & Fulham H.O.G. operate a “No brief, no ride” policy. Please ensure your bike is refuelled before departure.