10th July 2011

We tried to hold this event in June, but the weather and some fixture congestion put paid to it, so it was with some trepidation that I looked outside at 7am on 10th July - hooray, clear and dry!

Ready for the off

We had everything arranged from June - entry forms, maps, paperwork and goody bags, so all I had to do was to get to Warrs at 611 King’s Road by 9am. There were already people there when I arrived, another good sign... Rob Warr had opened the shop (important) and turned on the coffee machine (vital) and returned 15 minutes later with croissants (indispensable). Thanks Rob.

The fuller than normal briefing at 9.30am explained to the 30 participants what the ABCs competition is all about and how they could turn a day’s fun into a prize-winning entry. The various ‘teams’ then set off at around 10am, to gather as many ‘official’ road signs as they could discover between Fulham and our destination at the Grasshopper near Westerham, Kent. We road captains then set off for our own scenic tour of Surrey and Kent, having second breakfasts at Ryka’s (bottom of Boxhill) and enjoying the delights of the old A25. Just think, before the M25 was opened, most of the orbital traffic used this road and the South Circular.

Comparing notes at the pub

A nicely smooth and Sunday-paced ride saw us arrive on time at the pub, but we had seen most of the C&F participants at various points on our way as they snapped those final photos. Team Newstead was most noticeable (audible?).

Apart from the Papases (who were early) there was a suspicious precision in the arrival times, most being to the minute three hours after their departure from 611. Had you all been hiding round the corner? This meant that time penalties did not add their complication to the judging of the results. After independent perusal clear winners emerged.

In first place (and well out in front) was Team 4, the Newsteads (Michael, Nicky, Kai and Katie, accompanied by Frank Linehan). In second place were Team 3; Nigel Gaskin and Keith Jones. Third were Team 1; Marcus Simeoni, Gary Cheevers and Dan Riman. Team 1 had departed before we announced the results, so please can you collect your goodies from 611 King’s Road when you’re next passing by - see Les or Rob.

Thanks to all the participants, but especially the team of helpers - Les Channing, Nick and Jane Deal, Scottie and Rob Warr.

Michael Howers - C&F Road Captain