• ‘We Move Bikes’
    For those of you with big riding plans in 2019 but little spare time can take comfort from the fact that “We Move Bikes”, run by H.O.G. friend Paul Lusty, are offering a bike shipping service to the European Bike Week (as well as other H-D & H.O.G. Rally venues).

    To make life even easier they will pick up from and deliver back to Warr’s, King’s Road.

    Take a week out to ride down, enjoy the Rally and C&F and Meridian events and then take a flight back leaving your bike in Paul’s capable hands.

    Book direct:
    Call Paul on landline:
    0845 89 44 222
    mobile: 0772 502 6568
    or email paul@wemovebikes.co.uk

    Website: wmblogistics.co.uk

European Bike Week

Faaker See, Austria. 6-7 September 2019

Chelsea & Fulham and Meridian H.O.G. will be holding its 2019 premier event in Faaker See, Austria.

Ride south to Faaker See, Austria for the European Bike Week and join in Chelsea & Fulham and Meridian’s events. There’s a get-together on Friday, Chapter ride out on Saturday morning and the Chapters exclusive party Saturday afternoon (includes food and welcome drinks). Ticket holders will also receive a unique souvenir Chapter t-shirt and event rocker.

Details, registering interest and ticketing to follow.

Buddy List

Looking for company to share your adventure to Faaker See? Just add your details to a Buddy List in the Warr’s showrooms to make contact with potential ride companions. Top tips: establish accommodation expectations, ride styles and daily distances you’d like to achieve before you head off with your new ride buddy(s).

John Warr - C&F Chapter Director

For further details of H.O.G. events visit the H.O.G. events page