Ride ‘n’ Bowl

16th January 2005

Seventeen bikes and twenty bowlers is how it turned out on a bright but chilly Sunday morning. The route wasn’t complex, pretty much straight down the A3 but with a damp chill in the air half an hour was just about enough.

Conor led and Nick Page was last man with Richard ‘Cap’n’ Beake as roving Marshall. It was a quiet run down to Tolworth to the Charrington Bowl. All the bowling names went into a hat when we arrived and four teams were pulled.

We ambushed Rob Warr and persuaded him to part with T-Shirts for the members of the winning team. He was so stung into action that he led his own team to victory thereby saving Warr’s at least one T-shirt since one presumes Rob has as many as he can handle. He claims that he never scored better since college but his strike rate was very impressive and suggests he may have practised. Ringer Dave Mollison who turned up with his own ball and shoes could not save Team 1!

It was a fun day with lots of whooping and hollering as strikes and spares were clocked up. Now we have the Lurve Ride to look forward to.

Conor McAnally - C&F Assistant Director