Sammy Miller Run

13th June 2004

On Sunday 13th June, 34 riders assembled (in two instalments, at Warr’s and at the Little Chef on the A3 near Guildford) to journey to Sammy Miller’s motorcycle museum in New Milton for the annual Harley and Indian Day. The weather was perfect - sunny but not too hot, with a pleasant southerly breeze. The ‘older brigade’ was represented by Rob Warr on an original 1942 WLA45cu. in. flathead side valve, plus a couple of ‘shovels’, (a predecessor, much-esteemed by their owners, of the Evolution and twin-cam engined bikes).

The route was actually the same as that pioneered by Paul Wiggins last year. Paul was not available for the run due to bike trouble, so I had volunteered to lead, with the ever-dependable Dietmar Kohls bringing up the rear. What a route it was too, not the usual tourist route into this ancient National Park, but through some of the most picturesque roads in the south of England. We rode in close convoy at the park limit of 40mph but it simply added to the pleasure of the ride as we had time to admire the beauty of the sun-drenched forest. The rumble of 30 odd Harleys seemed simply to add to the mystic beauty of the scenery and all the deer and ponies did was look up and stare, no panic just admiration I imagine.

Almost too soon we were at Sammy Miller’s to be greeted by Sammy himself and his oh-so-enthusiastic team led by Vicky Body, herself a Harley fan. The “car” park was literally packed with bikes and the best spots were reserved for Harleys who outnumbered the “other” bikes 50:1. We took some time to wander around Sammy’s museum which is definitely worth a trip even without the fantastic setting. More for enthusiasts of the British and Japanese bikes than the American there are however some superb examples of the American marques represented. The car park too had plenty to look at and the older bikes were fairly represented by Chelsea & Fulham.

On balance the day was a huge success. A great route while the countryside was sublime.

Roll on next year.

Michael Howers - C&F Road Captain