New Forest

13th April 2003


Fourteen bikes and 15 hardy souls, all with day passes for a run to Beaulieu in the New Forest. The weather, as predicted 10 days earlier, was kind and dry. Briefing complete we set off from Warr’s at 9.30 with ten bikes and picked up Peter ‘Scottie’ Scott and another three at the Little Chef on the A3 just south of the M25. And the animals came out two by two - 2 Roadkings, 2 Heritages, 2 Dynas, 2 times 2 Roadsters and a Deuce... along with an Ultraglide an FXD and a V Rod.

The run was brisk, bright and incident free. Everyone enjoyed the roads and the great lunch at The Turfcutters Arms where Dietmar Kohls got a kiddie meal and Nick Page ate half a sheep! Scotty led 10 guys home while Mac, Dietz, Tom and David headed over to Beaulieu to check out the museum before braving the M3 back to London.

Conor McAnally - C&F Assistant Director