Beach Boys Ride

11th June 2006

After a rousing safety brief by myself, all 53 riders were champing at the bit to get going, mainly to try and cool down from the heat that was close to being the hottest day of the year. The ride took us down the A3 then A24 and finally the A29.

Safety brief

Andrew Papas listens to Terry’s rousing safety brief...

The route was specifically chosen to give some of the less experienced riders a chance to go a bit faster than the usual rides allow while at the same time giving them a feeling of safety due to the fact the roads are all good “Bikers” roads.

All the comments that I received were favourable and in particular I recall Sarah Papas saying that at one point she actually felt her bike was over at a pretty steep angle only for her husband, Andrew, to bring her down to earth by telling her that it was only because she had put her bike on it’s stand. The ride went like clock work with a time estimate of 2 1/4 hours being given and adhered to and this allowing for a comfort break on the way.

On arrival at Costa Climping the locals were more than impressed with 53 bikes parking up and then the ‘Team Photo’ was taken with the magnificent beach in the background. 10 minutes later we had saddled up and we ‘crept’ into the car park at the Black Horse trying to keep the noise down so as not to upset the clientele and I have to say everyone did well with the manager praising the whole groupfor their consideration and good manners.

After lunch the bulk of the ride headed home with some of us hardier riders going to the beach for some sunbathing and swimming.

All in all I enjoyed leading my first ride and would like to say a big thank you to Andrew Papas for his assistance and to all of the riders from Chelsea & Fulham and Meridian for swelling the numbers. See you next year?

Terry Ferguson - C&F Road Captain